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As World Watches Gaza, Syria Unleashes Chemical Weapons

Articleed on: August 12, 2014

Angry Assad Face 3

Before dawn on August 21 last year, when the Damascus suburb of Ghouta was dark and still, an artillery launcher blasted a salvo of warheads filled with poisonous gas. One struck the corner of an apartment complex on its second floor, the warhead snapping in one direction, the body caroming ...

75 Indonesians Convert to Judaism, Embracing Their Past

Articleed on: July 10, 2014


This January, 75 Indonesians officially converted to Judaism, and I was one of them, joining the 2 families that converted 2 years before. That makes us a total of 83 Indonesian Jews, in a country in South-East Asia with the greatest Muslim population in the world,  with 205 million Muslims. ...

Nuclear Talks: Why North Korea Always Wins

Articleed on: May 7, 2014

Photo by the US State Department

With less people than California, North Korea has the 197th lowest GDP in the world, yet until 2003, was responsible for over 1,400 provocations and the deaths of 90 US servicemen. The U.S. has not retaliated; it provided North Korea with aid. The country’s disproportionate military might and geostrategic location grant it ...

Can Egypt Escape its Dictators?

Articleed on: April 30, 2014

Photo by Amr Farouq Mohammed

The unrest in Egypt is one stage in the cycle that has held the country hostage for decades, where its leadership operates like a dysfunctional family. Problems are mismanaged, with inaction to address socio-economic troubles and severe overreactions in its military endeavors. In a cycle of autocrats, the failure to create ...

Free Tibet is Dead

Articleed on: April 15, 2014

(Students for a Free Tibet Official Photo/ CC BY)

According to the bumper stickers and t-shirts, victory is imminent, “TIBET WILL BE FREE,” they proclaim undeterred by the conspicuous absence of progress since China occupied Tibet in 1959. After spending six months in Dharamsala, India, home to the exile government, I don't believe it. I support Tibet, but at ...

Troubled in Syria, Hezbollah Strikes Less at Israel

Articleed on: April 2, 2014

Khamenei 2

From the Mediterranean Sea, Israeli warplanes swooped into Lebanon on February 23. In battle formation, under the shroud of night, they careered to a rugged region known for its smugglers and drugs, and, since the opening of the civil war in Syria, as a conduit for weapons. There, on an ...

Write For Us

Articleed on: March 16, 2014

PoliCu welcomes submissions from readers. An extensive internet presence or publication history is not necessary. We judge submissions based on their content, accuracy and originality. Submissions typically go through an editing process focused on clarity and style. Writers retain final say over proposed changes, but we appreciate a collaborative approach to ...

5 Days in Cuba: A Religious Jew in a Communist State

Articleed on: March 11, 2014

Cuba Libre

A retired nurse I met in Cuba described her experience visiting there as “Schizophrenic.” Perhapsa common feeling for a country in transition, with one foot in the past, and a second in a future which is still defining itself. An instructive moment of this comes from my trip there in ...

North Korea’s Drugs, Smugglers and Dealers: A Key to Unlocking the Nuclear State

Articleed on: March 4, 2014

Photo: Matt Paish/CC BY

Japanese authorities seized a North Korean boat in 1997, and upon searching it, found $95 million in methamphetamines hidden in cans of honey. Within 2 years, an estimated 40% of the methamphetamines in Japan were of North Korean origin. The surge also affected China; in Yanji, a city near the ...

Planned Disaster: The Concealed Agenda of a Flotilla to Gaza

Articleed on: February 26, 2014

(Photo: Public Affairs Department of the Consul General of Israel, San Francisco/CC BY)

In the evening, one spring in the Mediterranean, the prows of six ships sliced through the sable dark waters on their trek to Gaza. It was May 31, 2010, and waves plash meekly in a calm; there is a hiss of the tide, and, as can be seen from the ...