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Can Egypt Escape its Dictators?

Relevance: 100%      Articleed on: April 30, 2014

Photo by Amr Farouq Mohammed

The unrest in Egypt is one stage in the cycle that has held the country hostage for decades, where its leadership operates like a dysfunctional family. Problems are mismanaged, with inaction to address socio-economic troubles and severe overreactions in its military endeavors. In a cycle of autocrats, the failure to create ...

The Provocateurs: What Caused the Assault on Israel’s Embassy in Cairo

Relevance: 53%      Articleed on: September 15, 2011

Photo: Gigi Ibrahim/Creative Commons

Gunmen from a group of fighters, their website featuring the jingle “Destroy the Jews,” stole across Egypt’s border, through the vastness of the desert, into the Israeli city of Eilat, a tourist magnet on the Red Sea famed for its beaches. Once there, the marauders withdrew their weapons and opened ...

Planned Disaster: The Concealed Agenda of a Flotilla to Gaza

Relevance: 9%      Articleed on: February 26, 2014

(Photo: Public Affairs Department of the Consul General of Israel, San Francisco/CC BY)

In the evening, one spring in the Mediterranean, the prows of six ships sliced through the sable dark waters on their trek to Gaza. It was May 31, 2010, and waves plash meekly in a calm; there is a hiss of the tide, and, as can be seen from the ...

Why the UN Never Intervened in Syria

Relevance: 6%      Articleed on: November 2, 2013


Amid the squabble about whether to intervene in Syria, a strange incident occurred. It was during the vice-presidential debates of 2012, when the moderator asked Joe Biden why Obama ordered strikes in Libya, declaring it in our national interest to prevent massacres, yet not in Syria. “It is a different country,” ...