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About Us

Relevance: 100%      Articleed on: October 17, 2013

  PoliCu is an open portal for politics and culture, with a special focus on the Middle East and Asia. Founded in 2013 by Jesse Weinberg as a space for writers of all backgrounds to submit their work, PoliCu has developed into a collaborative effort, a group of novelists, researchers and ...

With a Hamas Cell, the Palestinian Authority Pursues Peace and War

Relevance: 29%      Articleed on: December 9, 2011

Hamas 1

An embarrassing coincidence occurred when Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was in Jordan to discuss the peace talks with Israel. The Israeli air force struck a team of militants in Gaza under Asam Batash, who happens to be wanted for a suicide bombing in 2007, and he is the leader of ...

North Korea’s Drugs, Smugglers and Dealers: A Key to Unlocking the Nuclear State

Relevance: 23%      Articleed on: March 4, 2014

Photo: Matt Paish/CC BY

Japanese authorities seized a North Korean boat in 1997, and upon searching it, found $95 million in methamphetamines hidden in cans of honey. Within 2 years, an estimated 40% of the methamphetamines in Japan were of North Korean origin. The surge also affected China; in Yanji, a city near the ...

Turkey’s PM Mourns a Killer

Relevance: 22%      Articleed on: July 13, 2010


First reported on Hezbollah’s satellite channel al-Manar, and since spread throughout Turkish and Israeli media, Turkey’s top politician contacted the head of a network of violent extremists in Lebanon to express his sympathies for the death of one its leaders, a clerical zealot who blessed suicide bombers prior to slaying Americans. Prime Minister Recep ...

The Provocateurs: What Caused the Assault on Israel’s Embassy in Cairo

Relevance: 20%      Articleed on: September 15, 2011

Photo: Gigi Ibrahim/Creative Commons

Gunmen from a group of fighters, their website featuring the jingle “Destroy the Jews,” stole across Egypt’s border, through the vastness of the desert, into the Israeli city of Eilat, a tourist magnet on the Red Sea famed for its beaches. Once there, the marauders withdrew their weapons and opened ...

Troubled in Syria, Hezbollah Strikes Less at Israel

Relevance: 16%      Articleed on: April 2, 2014

Khamenei 2

From the Mediterranean Sea, Israeli warplanes swooped into Lebanon on February 23. In battle formation, under the shroud of night, they careered to a rugged region known for its smugglers and drugs, and, since the opening of the civil war in Syria, as a conduit for weapons. There, on an ...

As World Watches Gaza, Syria Unleashes Chemical Weapons

Relevance: 15%      Articleed on: August 12, 2014

Angry Assad Face 3

Before dawn on August 21 last year, when the Damascus suburb of Ghouta was dark and still, an artillery launcher blasted a salvo of warheads filled with poisonous gas. One struck the corner of an apartment complex on its second floor, the warhead snapping in one direction, the body caroming ...

Planned Disaster: The Concealed Agenda of a Flotilla to Gaza

Relevance: 12%      Articleed on: February 26, 2014

(Photo: Public Affairs Department of the Consul General of Israel, San Francisco/CC BY)

In the evening, one spring in the Mediterranean, the prows of six ships sliced through the sable dark waters on their trek to Gaza. It was May 31, 2010, and waves plash meekly in a calm; there is a hiss of the tide, and, as can be seen from the ...

Why the UN Never Intervened in Syria

Relevance: 7%      Articleed on: November 2, 2013


Amid the squabble about whether to intervene in Syria, a strange incident occurred. It was during the vice-presidential debates of 2012, when the moderator asked Joe Biden why Obama ordered strikes in Libya, declaring it in our national interest to prevent massacres, yet not in Syria. “It is a different country,” ...